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When: 21st February @4pm  in the Councillors' Lounge (up the outdoor staircase beside the Fremantle Library and though the rooftop garden)




Here is a follow up to Scott Ludlam's questions at the Senate hearing about Roe Highway.



To get an understanding of the current government's approach to road building for the Perth Freight Link check out Scott Ludlam at Senate estimates hearings



As a follow up to the Fremanlte Council vote:

The Town of East Fremantle unanimously passed this motion at its April meeting.

(i)       the Town of East Fremantle strongly supports the City of Fremantle position adopted at its Council meeting of 26 March 2014 of not supporting the current High Street (Leach Highway) upgrade proposal by Main Roads WA.

(ii)      the City of Fremantle be informed of this decision. 



Many of you were at the historic Fremantle Council meeting last week where Council voted to refuse to voluntarily excise its A- and C-Class reserves for MRWA’s 6-lane freeway and also voiced support for freight on rail.  The contributions of 12 members of R2R and the larger community addressing Council on the night, the others in the gallery, and the hundreds of emails we sent and phone calls we made to councillors helped tip the balance.  In the end, 9 councillors voted against the proposal, with only 3 and the mayor in favour.

This vote sends a strong message to MRWA and the state government that MRWA does not have a social licence for its freeway.  It has positive ramifications for the endangered Beeliar Wetlands, another piece of MRWA’s  freeway freight route jigsaw to the Port.  It opens the way to alternative, more sustainable freight transport, such as rail.

 Councillors threw the ball back to the community to support their position by continuing to campaign against the oversized road.  R2R is working with other local community groups to lobby the state and federal governments and raise public awareness and involvement.  We are designing a petition to the state and federal governments for Fremantle residents to sign, with an ambitious target of 20,000 signatures.  Let us know if you can collect signatures amongst your neighbours, friends and workmates.

Fremantle Herald - Thinking Allowed by Pam Nairn (p. 5)



Move freight from trucks onto rail to keep our community safe.


  • Say NO to the Roe 8 extension (again).
  • Call for a minimum of 30% freight on rail.
  • Retain the 4-lane reserve on High Street – no 6-lane reserve.
  • Insist on a 210 m curve at the Stirling Highway corner.
  • Support state shipping as a way of transporting freight.
  • Make better use of existing rail infrastructure.
  • Redirect funding for roads to rail.

Troy Buswell says 30% of freight should be transported by rail.

Currently only 14% of containers are transported by rail.

High Street Herald Article

listen to - Background Briefing a program about diesel particulate pollution


watch - Why shift freight from road to rail? Presentation by Gaye Page-Burt to the January 31 Sustainable Transport Forum in the Fremantle Town Hall.


The Road to Rail campaign was launched in August 2011 by Fremantle community members in response to the increasing volume of heavy vehicle traffic through our residential areas. We are concerned about greenhouse gas emissions, particulate and other pollution, noise and unsafe road conditions and are calling for freight on rail to keep our roads, climate and community safe...

Did you know?
On June 13 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organisation, confirmed that diesel engine exhaust is a Category 1 carcinogen - in the same hazard category as asbestos and cigarette smoke.
It once again poses the question of how the Fremantle Port freight task is to be achieved: by truck or by train?

The Department of Transport (DoT) has announced plans to lift freight movements through the Port of Fremantle using B-double trucks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will require over 1000 truck movements per day, at least 46 per hour.

If only 30% of shipping containers were transported by rail the number of trucks on the road would diminish to the level they were in 2002.

From the Wheatbelt to the Port - Rail is the Way! Trucks: No Way!

300 kms of regional WA Tier 3 rail lines are to be closed down. This will increase the number of trucks on metropolitan roads.

For more information see: http://savegrainonrail.com.au/  AND  http://freoroad2rail.org/

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